Verdesian Life Sciences Offers New Seed Treatment

Verdesian Life Sciences Offers New Seed Treatment
Verdesian Life Sciences has a new seed treatment called Take Off ST.

According to the company, the biological technology in Take Off ST helps with nutrient uptake and early plant growth. Take Off ST is said to provide aid in crop growth rate, carbon dioxide fixation and photosynthesis to encourage healthy plant development throughout the growing season.

"Take Off ST allows more applied nitrogen to be taken up by the crop making for stronger and faster growth,” says Ryan Bond, Ph.D., vice president of marketing at Verdesian. “Plus, improved nitrogen uptake and use by the crop leaves less nitrogen in the soil at risk of being lost to the environment and puts that nitrogen into harvestable bushels."

This seed treatment can be used in corn, soybeans and wheat. Verdesian says the treatment works with the plants to gather nutrients and use them during germination and early plant growth, improving nitrogen efficiency. Verdesian claims tests showed Take Off ST use on crops produced examples of yield differences measured at 3.3 more bu. per acre in wheat, 2.3 bu. more soybeans and 7.1 bu. more corn.

The plant-growth biological technology in Take Off ST was discovered in Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Verdesian then developed it into a seed treatment.

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