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Active ingredients

Diquat Dibromide




WSSA mode of action

22Photosystem-I-electron diversion


EPA: 81943-23-72159


Bluegrass, AnnualBarley, LittleWatermilfoilRescuegrass /Rescue BromeElodea, BrazilianCoontailHenbitElodeaBrome /BromegrassGeranium, CarolinaWaterhyacinthHydrillaWaterlettucePondweedDuckweedButtercupNaiadBladderwortCattailPennywortSalviniaFrogbit, AmericanFescue, SixweeksWeeds, Broadleaf, AnnualWeeds, GrassyWeeds, Grassy, AnnualWeeds, BroadleafAlgaeAlgaeWeeds, UnspecifiedSalvinia


Seed CropsSeed Crops, FlowerNurseriesGreenhousesGreenhouses, Non-commercialNursery stock, ContainerBermudagrass, DormantZoysiagrass, EstablishedGolf CourseLawns/Turf, RecreationalLawns/Turf, EstablishedLawns /TurfBermudagrass, EstablishedZoysiagrass, DormantLawns/Turf, DormantLawns/Turf, Commercial/Public AreasLawns/Turf, Industrial AreasAquatic Sites, UnspecifiedDriveways, AlongFences, AlongBuildingsPorches/Patios/DeckingTrees, AroundWalkwaysFlower gardensDividers/MediansUtility Transformer Stations/SubstationsPumping Stations, PipelineRailroadsRights-of-wayStorage AreasParking AreasCart PathPublic Utility LinesPipelines

Temperature range

Min 32°F
Product safety


Early entry
Coveralls over long-sleeved shirt and long pants, Chemical-resistant gloves, Chemical-resistant footwear plus socks, Chemical-resistant headgear for overhead exposure, Protective eyewear.
Personal Protection
Mixers, Loaders, Applicators and other handlers must wear: Coveralls over short-sleeved shirt and long pants Chemical-resistant gloves Chemical-resistant footwear plus socks Chemical-resistant headgear for overhead exposure Chemical-resistant apron when cleaning equipment, mixing, or loading Face-shield when mixing or loading Exception: After this product has been diluted to 0.50% Diquat Water Weed and Landscape Herbicide or less in water (i.e., the labeled rate for some spot applications), applicators for AQUATIC SURFACE APPLICATIONS must, at a minimum, wear (Note: Mixers and Loaders for this application must still wear the personal protective equipment (PPE) as described in the above section): Long-sleeved shirt and long pants Shoes plus socks Waterproof gloves Protective eyewear Exception: At a minimum, applicators for AQUATIC SUBSURFACE APPLICATIONS must wear (Note: Mixers and Loaders for this application must still wear the personal protective equipment (PPE) as described in the above section): Short-sleeved shirt and short pants Waterproof gloves Chemical-resistant footwear plus socks
Restricted Entry Interval
24 hours


May be exposed to direct sunlight

Is not vulnerable to flame or sparks

May be stored in a damp place

May be stored in a warm place

May be frozen

Supplemental Labels
  • Product Sheet for Diquat