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Cover page for Florida Citrus Production Guide

2017-2018 Florida Citrus Production Guide

Overall, the goal of the Florida Citrus Production Guide is to serve as a reference for information needed to guide decision making in Florida citrus growing operations. The 2017-2018 guide includes new chapters on topics such as selection of rootstock and scion varieties, irrigation and nutrient management, and maintaining overall health of trees through proper root and canopy management strategies.

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Vegetable Production Handbook Cover page

2017-2018 Vegetable Production Handbook of Florida

The 2017-2018 Vegetable Production Handbook of Florida contains complete information on Florida vegetable production, ranging from seed technology to integrated pest management to irrigation and pesticide safety. The handbook is produced as a reference for all individual vegetable commodities and cultural practices used and recommended in the state of Florida.

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Tomato Proceedings Cover Page

2017 Florida Tomato Proceedings

This guide is full of the latest University of Florida research on Florida tomatoes.

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Cover page for Vegetable Crop Guide

2017 Southeastern Vegetable Crop Handbook

The Southeastern Vegetable Extension Workers Group is proud to offer you the 18th edition of the Vegetable Crop Handbook for the southeastern United States.

This handbook represents a joint effort among Extension Specialists and Researchers from 12 land-grant universities in the US who work in the area of vegetable production. These specialists and researchers represent a wide array of disciplines - agricultural engineering, entomology, olericulture (vegetable production), plant pathology, post harvest physiology, soil science, and weed science.

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