July 25, 2013: Soilborne diseases can spell trouble for crops


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Soilborne diseases can spell trouble for crops

 Lush and robust wheat fields start with durable, deep and disease-free roots. These roots absorb the all-important nutrients and moisture that produce healthy plants with strong yield potential, which is why growers should keep their wheat’s root health top of mind when preparing for the season. By incorporating preventive measures now — including best management practices and seed treatment applications — growers can ensure healthy root systems and get their crops started on the right foot. Read more

USDA shows worsening crop conditions again

Between drought and flooding, 11 percent of the nation’s corn is in poor or worse condition, according to the USDA’s latest "Crop Progress" report, up from 9 percent last week. Read more

High daytime temps not a big concern in corn

The spike of above-average daytime temperatures throughout much of Illinois during the third week of July should not raise concerns for the corn crop as most areas had enough water in the soil to carry crops through that week, said University of Illinois professor of crop sciences Emerson Nafziger. Read more



Product News

Management tips for corn earworm and western bean cutworm

 Corn earworms (CEW) are cannibalistic and normally only one will be found per ear. The pest is best identified by bright, variable color and a cuticle with an “unshaven” look. It will frequently be near the ear tip but may feed down the ear creating a track of damaged kernels. DuPont Pioneer experts provide tips for managing corn earworms and western bean cutworms. Read more

New three-gene insect protection in cotton named

Dow AgroSciences unveiled the name of its in-plant, three-gene insect protection trait in cotton. WideStrike 3, the next generation of Dow AgroSciences’ WideStrike Insect Protection, will be offered exclusively in industry-leading germplasm developed by PhytoGen cottonseed.
Read more

Korea gives import approval for Agrisure 3122 trait stack

Syngenta announced that regulatory authorities in Korea have granted import approval for the Agrisure 3122 trait stack for food or feed use. Read more



Specialty Crops

S.C. peanuts look better than expected after 40 inches of rain

Disease is coming. You can’t outrun it. We’ll have to hit peanuts with fungicides pretty hard once we can get in the fields. I’ve driven over most of our production area in South Carolina in the last couple of days, and it probably will be the middle of next week before we can run wide open again. And we desperately need to be in the field. We’ve got peanuts at 65 to 70 days with one herbicide application and no fungicide application. On the positive side, peanuts mostly look a lot better than I thought they would. Some, in fact, look remarkable. They’re growing good and don’t have much evidence of disease. Read more

Crownless pineapple makes packing efficient

Eosta, a Netherlands-based fruit distributor, is introducing crownless pineapples under the Nature & More label. The company says removing the crowns reduces transportation costs and enhances shelf life. Without the crowns, more pineapples can fit in cartons, and more cartons can be included in one shipment, according to a news release. Read more

Produce industry enjoys growth mode again

ANAHEIM, Calif. — With less than a month before The Packer’s second Midwest Produce Expo in Chicago, I figured I needed to experience one of the originators of the regional expo — the July 16 Fresh Produce and Floral Council’s Southern California Expo. With about 1,500 attendees and 200 exhibitors for a one-day expo, it’s right in line with what other regional events offer, and FPFC has been doing it for decades. Read more




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