North Dakota voters protect right to farm

John Maday, 11/09/2012

In Tuesday’s election, North Dakota voter overwhelmingly passed Measure 3, which adds language protecting modern farming and ranching practices to the state’s Constitution.

The North Dakota Farming and Ranching Amendment, which was sponsored by the North Dakota Farm Bureau (NDFB), will forever guarantee modern agricultural practices in the state. Specifically, the constitutional amendment will block any law “which abridges the right of farmers and ranchers to employ agricultural technology, modern livestock production and ranching practices.”

The NDFB and other supporters introduced the measure in response to outside activist groups such as the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) sponsoring and supporting legislation in other states that would limit or restrict agricultural practices.

“This is a great day for the people of North Dakota,” says NDFB President and chairman of the N.D. Feeding Families Committee, Doyle Johannes. “Measure 3 passed in every county,” Johannes says in a NDFB release. North Dakota voters saw how important agriculture is to our state, and how vital it is for farmers and ranchers to keep moving forward with technology and best management practices. We are truly thankful and gratified for the support of our state’s voters.”

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