Acuron Flexi Available for 2016 Season

A new corn herbicide option has been approved by the EPA and is ready for 2016. Syngenta’s Acuron Flexi joins the company's lineup of herbicides to help farmers fight weeds and growing resistance.

The premix includes active ingredients bicycloprone (group 27), Mesotione (group 27) and S-metolachlor (group 15). Bicycloprone includes burndown and residual, and the premix can be applied 28 days prior to planting and up to 30” corn.

Syngenta says the product will be affective against broadleaf weeds and annual grasses such as giant foxtail, barnyardgrass, common cocklebur, common ragweed, Palmer amaranth, waterhemp and giant ragweed.

Acuron Flexi has not gained state registrations just yet. To keep an eye on where your state stands, check currently approved states on Syngenta's website.

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